Coin Vanish Tricks Tips – A Must For Every Magician

I once saw a magician make a coin vanish that left me dumb struck. Till today I wonder how he did it. I mean I understand the slight of hand he used to perform the coin vanish trick but what I do not understand is when he used the technique, and that is when I lost track and stopped evaluating his performance and really watched the show, I must say when a magician watches another magician he sees all the movements and knows exactly what he is doing. Then goes on to appreciate the technique being displayed, whybitcoinprice but a great magician knows that and so he puts a twist in the routine to leave other magicians wondering how and trying to keep up. The only thing left to do is relax and enjoy the show for the magician might learn something.

After a few times of watching the coin trick I found out that he was using some really basic coin manipulation inverting some of the moves making the trick more effective. Stair Treads

Coin slights are very powerful a bit of patience and practice is the best way to start. The one great book that has stood the test of time and is a must for every magician and I am sure that no one will differ is a book called Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo ufa168live this book will take you a journey of coin magic that you never knew existed once you have done a complete study of the book modern coin magic you can consider that you know the basics and a bit of the intermediate levels in coin magic do not get me wrong there are only three levels in magic so if you get to the intermediate part you should have some great knowledge in magic.

I suppose you can say if you do not know a coin vanish you can not call your self a magician, and when you learn how to make a coin vanish you hold a wonderful power of being able to perform a trick at anytime and in any place, but you are going to want to complete the trick by making it appear again and that is where the fun comes into magic, chronicleshub see the amazement in your audiences eyes and then seeing them even more amazed when you make the coin appear from anywhere and all of this will lead up to great knowledge and you will want to know more and more.


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