Yoli Review – Are Yoli’s Blast Caps the Next Big Health and Wellness Giant?

Yoli Review: The beverage industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it just keeps growing. It is projected to reach the trillions within the next 10 years or so. There are many different drinks on the market including vitamin waters, allfrequencyjammer sports drinks, energy drinks, sodas, nutritional supplements, juices and countless others. You would think that with all that’s out there how could anyone come up with something revolutionary… something new?

Yoli’s Blast Cap Technology

There is nothing on the market like Yoli’s blast cap technology. It is fun, essentialwell demonstratable and kids love it. It’s quite simple. You simple “blast” live, freeze dried, active ingredients into water, then shake, and then drink. Yoli blast caps offer a demonstrable product and that is the holy grail in any network marketing business. It has the “wow” factor. Being able to demonstrate a product is very powerful. newzhit

Other beverages on the market:

No matter how healthy these over-the-counter beverages try to claim to be, capcounter they simply cannot be because of the process of pasteurization. The next time you’re at 7-11 or the grocery store take a look at the label of one of your favorite drinks. You will see that they are full of chemicals. Preservatives, artificial flavors, colors and artificial sweeteners are all chemicals.

Pasteurization. It’s the dirty little secret the beverage companies don’t want you to know. Pasteurization is the process of boiling liquids to eliminate bacteria and improve the shelf life of the product. When this happens, most of the vitamins and antioxidants that you think are in your drink (even orange juice and apple juice) will be destroyed. Then you’re basically drinking dead juice. appoura

Yoli – Live Active Ingredients:

Yoli does something truly revolutionary. The main objective of their blast cap drinks is to keep out all the bad, harmful ingredients, and preserve all the good, healthy live-active ingredients. It takes the freshest ingredients, including some of the most popular super-fruits, and freeze-dries them into each and every blast cap. This retains all their original probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins.

Yoli Review – Blast Cap Technology:

So how does Yoli blast caps do it? It is actually simple. Each cap has a compartment that contains all the flash-frozen, nutrient-filled ingredients. This eliminates the need for preservatives and saves the ingredients being destroyed in the pasteurization process. Yoli is then able to provide all of the good and none of the bad. For more info please visit here:-buzzindeed.com


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